Drinking and Dining

Our mid-century mansion becomes the house of memorable culinary experiences with the launch of a new lunch menu and a distinct dinner experience. From an all-day comfort cuisine concept, our restaurant undertakes an exciting gastronomic journey.

While the Mansion’s lunch menu is a hearty, delicious bid for local produce, with a selection of seasonal salads, succulent toasts, poke bowls and Khmer and western specialties; its all-new Dinner Hours recreates a culinary journey exploratory of Khmer terroir, geography and traditions through three seasonal set menus that can be also enjoyed a la carte. All paired a renewed wine selection.

Writer. Storyteller. Scribe. Embark on a sensory journey and immerse yourself in the rich and diverse culture of Cambodia with every sip of our sustainably crafted cocktails. With an ambiance that sparks curiosity and a passion for great taste, our al fresco bar is the perfect spot for adventurous souls and connoisseurs alike. Come, allow us to take you on a journey of unforgettable flavor and stories.

Visit FCC Angkor's Pool Restaurant & Bar for the perfect sun-soaked stopover serving simple, casual crowd pleasers and classics poolside, whether for temple-trekking tourists, sun seekers, business professionals or locals looking for a quick bite.

FCC Angkor by Avani: Safe Tourism Certificate - Restaurant