Introducing AvaniSHIELD Safety & Hygiene Programme for Safe Travel

As we prepare to welcome you back, we are introducing new health and safety standards at FCC Angkor. Named AvaniSHIELD, these series of initiatives will bring peace of mind to you and our staff by adding an additional layer of protection for everyone. We would like to share with you the heightened hygiene and sanitation we have introduced to ensure the protection of your health and safety.

The Details That Matter

  • Digital Check-in/out
  • Digital Concierge App
  • Trusted Partner Programme
  • Arrival
  • Receiving Procedures
  • Public Areas
  • Guest Rooms
  • AvaniFit Gym
  • Dining
  • AvaniSHIELD Agent
Contactless Greetings – To ensure physical distancing, Avani team members will rely on country-specific hand gestures, such as the traditional Thai wai greeting; Korean jeol bowing; the hand-over-heart gesture, and even the Vulcan salute popularised by Star Trek.
  • Safety & Hygiene Technology
Cu+ Copper Protection Materials – High-touch surfaces such as door handles and elevator buttons will be covered with anti-microbial copper protection film. Ultra Violet C Sterilisation – Front Office will use UVC sterilisation boxes to disinfect key cards, stationery and other high-touch objects. You can also request a complimentary disinfecting service for your mobile device.
HEPA-grade Bio Filter – Select Avani properties will be adding HEPA-grade Air Purifiers as an extra step in the standard guest room and gym cleaning process. These can remove airborne viruses, bacteria and allergens of 0.01 micron (10 nanometres) in size with 99.99% effectiveness. Disinfecting Incoming Objects – All hotels will set up disinfecting processes to sanitise incoming luggage, boxes and supplies.